EPP Raptor Steering Wheel Adapter


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  • Model: raptorwheelconversion

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This product allows you to retrofit a either a 2015+ steering wheel with no paddle shifters or a 2017+ steering wheel with paddle shifters to your 2009 to 2014 F150 truck. For trucks with out Selectshift you can use the 2015+ steering wheel, for trucks with Selectshift you can use the Raptor wheel with paddle shifters.

NOTE the right side OK button from the old steering wheel has no corelated button on the new steering wheel so that functionality is lost. If you have an OK button on your right switch pack the phone button functionality will not work.

Please note, if you have an 09-early 11 truck without select shift choose no shifter harness

This kit includes two custom circuit boards made to fit into the left and right switch pack of the Raptor wheel with adaptive cruise and the RH switch pack - FL3Z-9C888-EA you have to order as well as a new wiring harness for the steering wheel and a harness for either your console or column shifter application.

Here are the Ford part numbers you need to order in order to complete the install:
Steering wheel M-3600-F15RRD
Clock Spring - HL3Z-14A664-A
RH switch pack - FL3Z-9C888-EA
LH Switch pack - FL3Z-9C888-BA
2015+ F150 Air Bag - FL3Z-15043B13-AB




This product is made to the customers order and is not eligible for refunds or returns.