EPP SHO/Flex/Explorer 3.5L EB transverse cold air intake

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This intake system features individual 2.5″ inlet pipes from each turbo to the air filter removing the restrictive WYE pipe and crushed inlet pipes that other intake systems leave in place only replacing the air box/air filter.  Features a heat shield that is sealed to the hood, and sealed off from the engine compartment drawing in air from behind the headlight and the factory “ram-air” tract making it the only of its kind on the market and superior to other options in terms of performance. The code eliminator tube is now built into the design, do not purchase separate.

The recirc port options allows you to connect your factory BoV recirc hose to the intake like factory. If you run VTA then this option isn't required.

The catch can bung uses a standard PCV 1/2" connector located on the straight tube running to the rear turbo. This catch can bung isn't related to any specific manufacturer, please verify that your catch can uses the 1/2" PCV connector or that you can adapt it down. We are not responsible for the many manufacturers of catch cans and their different connector and or connector placement types. If you are unsure do not order this option or check with your catch can manufacturer. This option isn't required for catch cans that connect to the factory PCV connector with a single attachment.

The custom rear turbo hose option either allows you to use you factory rear turbo rubber hose which makes the install much easier if you don't include the custom hose or if you choose the rear custom hose then you'll have to remove the factory rubber hose and will replace with our custom silicone hose.

Applications include the 2010+ Taurus SHO, Explorer/Flex and Lincoln MKT/MKS with 3.5EB of same years.

Please allow 3-5 days for uncoated pipes and 5-10 days for powder coated pipes to ship.


Basic instructions:

There's 3 pipes and 3 silicone hoses and 6 clamps. 

1 long one that goes to the rear turbo with the weird shaped silicone hose that attaches to the inlet of the turbo via a 2.5" clamp and a 1.875" clamp
There's a pipe with a 90 degree turn and two fittings for the boost reference and the brake booster, that goes to the air filter and the long pipe to the rear turbo via the 2.5" silicone hump hose via 3x2.5" clamps
The U shaped pipe with a longer leg goes to the front turbo and the air filter via 2x2.5" clamps and a 1.75" clamp


Comes with all hoses and clamps to install

Please make sure to wash and blow out the pipes prior to installing it is possible there is machining oil and metal shavings in the pipes after manufacturing is completed. 

Powder coating blemishes on the end of the pipes due to machining oil will be covered by the silicone hoses and will not impact the functionality and/or appearance of the pipes.

This product is made to the customers order and is not eligible for refunds or returns.


  • Model: SHOIntake
  • Manufactured by: Eco Power Parts


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